Mastering Levitation for the Miraculous Life

Guest post from the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy 


How to enter into the Miraculous life? Clearing the Meridians and Mastering Levitation

In a retreat in 2014, Almine talked about how we must overcome the tyranny of gravitation in the meridians.

Why is it that we have not been practising the miracles and the interdimensional life that is our birthright to its fullest extent? Many reasons – but the one Almine wished to discuss pertains to obstructions in the meridians – and very specifically in the 12 meridians and the misuse and inactive use of the 8 extraordinary meridians have bound us to gravity.

Gravity puts us firmly into the physical and the belief systems associated with mortal boundaries. (See note below). So as you can see, the many months of working on the meridians, making available the set so that everyone can do them for themselves and their loved ones. Even just doing feet for someone in your household for the meridian points on the feet. (My note, see the protocol using the Jingwell points here).

We have been preparing for this time – this time being the time of the Rune Masters who bridge the known and the unknown and the time of the practitioners of High Magic – (which is the right for all of us) which bridges the unknowable and takes through the unknown all the way through the physical – which is the unknown.

It is imperative that gravity loses its tyranny and becomes a tool of navigation between these worlds. It has to be done by understanding and mastering the law of levitation. Not just so that you can levitate – but it is a way of living (the same way that the principles of gravity produces aging and death and decay). The principle of levitation produces youthening and the reversal of aging.

praise sigilHow to study levitation? You already have one of the tools. It is the tool of praise. Praise can be so strongly felt. The times that Almine has levitated it has been so intent on working with hidden realms that the earth could not hold her or she was in very deep states of praise. So we can begin with that principle.

hummingbirdLevitation also happens with the clearing of the 8 extraordinary meridians. They represent levitation the way the 12 meridians represent gravitation. If we wish to move between the worlds, both are necessary. The same way that that figure 8 that is created by the wings of the hummingbird move him forward, backward, up and down. These are your gravitational devices as you learn to become true masters that walk between the worlds.”

NOTE on Gravity: Almine is referring to the gravity of density rather than of gratitude. As we release the tension of opposites for individuation, and replace it with the (sexual) tension of creative partnership with life through inspiration, then gravity that does not keep us bound is achieved through continual gratitude–a power of omni-perspective perception that expands the contracted vision of physicality.

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