Thursday 23rd February – Inner Sage

Thursday 23rd 27 IS (WW Segment – Field of Sklivet)

With the lighthearted steps of no regrets that comes from knowing we cannot make a mistake in life that unfolds in flawless perfection, we may release the dreams of the past and enter into the magic of life ever new. Without the pain of the past and its false wisdom that dictates behavior, we are free to presence the moment fully. Evolving awareness will be ours as realization will flash up unbidden, in divine timing. And though it may be affirmed by memories of past experience, wisdom is inseparable from the moment unfolding and comes from being attentive to it.

Do not let yourself be manipulated by guilt and do not waste resources in pacifying others or justifying your withdrawal from the games of drama. Know that the moment fully lived rewrites the past and the possibilities for life.

Take each and every opportunity today, to wash away in the black water of the Haraaknit, the stories that have trapped you in distorted emotions.

To attune to the IS, you may do the following rune integration: 3-Rune Integration for the IS

Today’s video message on the Inner Sage: