Sunday March 5th ~ Inner Warrior

Sunday March 5th 37 ~ IW (Field of Arkbar)

Today we embrace the grateful privilege of shaping our lives as a work of art “on the blank canvas of a new day“. With lighthearted steps of one who expects life’s cooperation, presence each moment with the spirit of adventure and the boldness of self-belief. Let all tension of opposition or resistance to circumstances that causes density and locks in repetitive patterns, give way to the tension of excited curiosity, as you live from the conviction that you are the lucid dreamer and center of your reality.

How will you steer things with mastery and artistry? How can you creatively contribute to the moment through chosen emphasis? Open to life becoming fluid around you, as your perception fluidly moves to embrace all perspectives. Marvel at how life becomes effortless when you are tensionless– unattached to outcome and not holding on to the moment gone by.

Pause a few times today to take stock of how you are creatively shaping your day. What new elements have you brought in so far? Remember that when you cooperate with the cosmic pulse of the day, you are flowing downstream–no longer in the tension of resistance that locks you into illusion, but rather a fluid tension of excited creative engagement with life (the sublimated sexual energy).

If you feel to, activate the power of omni-senses, and see your day in colors, brush strokes, artistic composition…if it were a banquet, what would it look like? Create a rich sensual image or feeling of your day. The power of omni-sensory engagement is that it speaks the language of the unconscious–the language of the IC/IB sub-personality that is ‘sweet spot’ where resource pool in to your assistance.

Today’s video message on the Inner Warrior:

Fragrance Alchemy

Liquid Gem two inches below the navel (point of merging with Divine Will) / Blues Skies under the feet