Monday 27th February – Inner Sage

Monday 27th 31 IS (Segments – Fields of Harasut/Mistel (IC/HM))

Through innocent perception that sees perfection, your gaze is a blessing to all things. In choosing how you perceive, you refine your environment.

Release all addiction or compulsion to inform yourself about the world (unless prompted by deep inner impulse), and simply let things come to you as they may. Whatever life presents you with is yours to refine through perception steeped in natural law. When you surrender in trust to life’s guidance in this manner, you cooperate with life from poised stillness and in frugality with your resources.  Add in glad expectation of life’s full  support, and life will unfold in harmonious mutuality.

As a particular focus, spend time noticing the quality and level of support from the people around you, and recognize that it is determined by you. Refine your perception of others so that you are fully supportive as an emanating presence of inspiration.

To attune to the IS, you may do the following 8-rune integration across the fields: 8-Rune Integration for the IS

Fragrance Alchemy

Fountain of Life on the thymus area

Additional option: Several points given and intended to all be used in this protocol to clear obsolete patterns, and bring in new. Apply Fountain of life a/o Elixir of the Golden Light (HM) on the following (apply acupressure on each point for at least 30 secs):

  • Yingtang: between the eyebrows (important calming point)
  • Du 20 ~ Celestial Fullness, at the Crown – confluence point of all the yang meridians with the Du (also good point to clear the head and bring in new)
  • Du 16 ~ At the altlas joint area – both a ‘ghost’ point and ‘Window of Sky’ point, and a power point in shifting states. It is a place that is blocked in many people, and is used to support release of the obsolete. This is a point you will want to apply FA and pressure to often.

As you do the protocol. intend to to clear mental habits from past negative expectations, and open to fresh new perspective of life’s pervasive support for your boundless success and flourishing. Sit for a minute in contemplation…



Today’s video message on the Inner Sage:

Potion of Light~ Merging the Sub-personalities, by Phoebe Surana