Friday 24th February – Inner Nurturer

Friday 24th 28 IN (WW Segment – Field of Sklivet)

As you disengage from the burden of past stories, you reorient yourself to being present at deeper levels, free from conditioned, programmed behavior. In order to know true impetus beyond the programmed existence, you need to live from inner space. Take time for silence and rest..take frequent pauses during the day to just feel presence in the moment, in the body. Your capacity to hear and interpret the nuances from inner senses comes from cultivating a rich inner infrastructure such that you are not thrown off-center by life around you. A life of grace will result from such mastery.


To attune to the IN, you may do the following 8 rune integration across the fields: 8-Rune Integration for the IN

Fragrance Alchemy

Golden Flower around the navel area / Dance in the Moonlight on the navel (navel is the point as gateway to the soul, where life and death meet; where we establish our source of sustenance from within)

Another option: Golden Flower on Ht-1 (Utmost Source – this point reconnects us to Source, and bathes us in the warmth of that inner communion, spilling over into our lives and flowing as warmth into relationships. The point for self-love.


Today’s video message on the Inner Nurturer: