Follow the journey of two mystics who are embarking on the biggest adventure yet. After years following the twists and turns in the mirrored matrices, the path forward has revealed itself. It is deep within the psyche—the core of humanness—that we will emerge into full self-sovereignty in communion with the Infinite. Discover the essence of being, wherein all that you need to know for the most elegant life of all-sufficiency is within, from the dynamic balance of the inner family of sub-personalities. In the peace of trust, the purity of humility, and the power of coming home will we dissolve the tyranny of spirit in our lives. The journey will speak to all who feel life pulsing within their being. The time of diversity within unity is at hand…

Adventures in Boundlessness is a collaborative venture between Anita Lucia and Ciara Young. Together we will plunge into the depth of understanding and practical implementation of living a life of All Potential. Our shared platform will deliver extensive context on the larger cosmic picture, the deeper associated links between the many varied areas of study, and detailed instruction on how to live a state of Spiritual Mastery as a wholly benevolent presence on Earth.

This venture is geared towards presenting the cutting-edge journey of highest evolutionary potentials in a way that translates into daily practice and support for a life of flourishing. These evolutionary potentials are ignited by mastering the dynamic geometry of the inner sub-personalities–coming home to the Self as Inner Family–as well as mastering the meridian system through which we may manifest a higher life of grace.

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From Ciara:

Part of the reason why I wanted to actually collaborate with Anita was to gain creative license where extracting snippets of her materials and tying them together with what I’m working on myself is concerned! This venture is the perfect outlet to do that and is the result of two years of pondering how we might make such a collaboration possible. We have found that our journeys have paralleled in extraordinary ways, and it made perfect sense to see what kind of magic we could come up with together. We hope that you enjoy the fruits of our exploration!

From Anita:

Ciara and I have been collaboratively exploring the cutting edge of evolution for over 2 years now, quite struck by the similarities in what we were focusing on, as spurred on by life. And though our lives as well as our approaches were very different, the themes of challenge we faced and our breakthroughs seemed to always be synced up. Both with a passion for the metaphysical and a commitment to the journey of liberation from illusion, we found that our unique gifts could be leveraged by our work together. We have been discussing offering something together for some time, but only now is the time right for it, as we have a clear picture of how to unfold highest potentials.

After an unrelenting search for the past decade, to find the higher hormones of  what I called ‘a dignified existence’, I met the work of the great mystic and seer, Almine. who talked about so many things I’d experienced on my quest.  But when she received information on the ‘god hormones’, I knew I’d find what I had been searching for.  I immersed in her immense body of work over the next 3 years, and was able to piece many things together that yielded so many revelations. But it was not until I studied the sub-personalities and their correspondences to the meridians of cause, that I realized I was looking at the ‘holy grail’.

Through the past year, in deep exploration and embodiment of the sub-personalities, we have discovered so much and are on the verge of breakthroughs in secreting the higher hormones for a self-sovereign existence, and the pheromones needed to participate in sacred government through self-government.  Why higher hormones?  It is our hormones that determine the reality we dwell in, and the hormones of stress, fear, and neediness have kept us in a reality operating under the law of compensation. It is now time to step out into a new reality of self-flourishing that is generative for all life.

General Offering:

We will be offering various levels of support and engagement through blog, podcasts, audio meditations and study materials. There will be information-rich offerings to suit various levels, with practical exercises to activate the meridians and sub-personalities, and live and manifest beyond the law of compensation.

And for those yearning for the deepest dive or very detailed support on the cutting edge journey, a monthly membership will be offered that will include our recorded exploration sessions with activation support for participants. We will go deeply into esoteric tools received by Almine, including the time maps for 2017, the Runes of the Infinite Mother, and the magical Bird Clock for manifestation.  We are very excited to come forth with these rich offerings, and look forward to supporting you on your journey of profound awakening to a life of boundless flourishing.

Find more about Anita here

Find more about Ciara here

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The messages, the gifts of emphasis you so generously provide from a fathomless space held in breathless devotion...I feel fathomless love flowing free as the Eternal River flows free...I am a flower bud...I am the full bloom..I am Beauty, magnificent beauty that causes me to weep from a heart opened, humbled before such love and feeling Spring rising  gratitude for your tireless generation of healing currents and open sluices thank-you...Thank-you.
It is truly a miraculous journey and I feel blessed beyond measure...working with you has been answer to a prayer...I'm home now. I've found my cherished inner home, Randolph, NH❣

April 6, 2017

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I am loving Adventures in Boundlessness.  I look forward to it everyday as it is so helpful in using the Timemaps.  I also love the other work with the oils and the acupunture points that your bring in.. appreciate how more expansive I am physically and spiritually through your vast information which you share.  gratitude and praise, Robin Sharp

March 21, 2017

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What have I noticed after only one month? Less resistance to life. A lighter heart. Smiling more.  Deeper connection with nature (especially trees). Effortlessly knowing what I didn't know I knew! Abundant surprises. Experiences of a shortened gap between intent and manifestation.
I love receiving an early morning email illuminating our focus for the day according to the cosmic Timemap. It is such a gift to begin the day aligning with Infinite Intent and sharing this focus with others participating in Adventures in Boundlessness. Grateful and delighted the focus includes recommendations for applying fragrance oils. So excited to be incorporating the luscious, multidimensional, incomparable oils of High Magic. They exponentially amplify the alchemy!
I love receiving the thoughtful video message of the day offering practical insights into inner family dynamics. Each reflection fully supports leaving the old dream of separation and opposition behind. It is a great privilege to be on this reality shaping journey together.
I love the deep dive blogs that are so rich and multilayered that I find a new ah ha no matter how many times I have revisited each one.
The BVP sessions have been phenomenal. I feel density dissolving, fluidity being restored, eons of old programs being erased. All is in perfection.
(And I love the behind the scenes session notes for each session.)
Thank you for being fearless guides into the new reality of High Magic.! Love & Blessings, Yvonne D

March 28, 2017

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I feel so much more fluid in life. There's an open willingness with everything that was never there before. I was overly concerned about others, what they think, their comfort, and so on. Now that is not a concern at all. I also have no need to impress or compete--something that has been with me all my life. This is HUGE. I also notice that I don't get upset at things that would normally get to me. I feel like I am floating through life and every day brings new things. Another big shift I've noticed from the AiB-level 2 sessions is that I used to have a hyper energy and my mind would never stop racing. Now I am so calm..things happen around me that would trigger me before, and now I notice my mind is still. Things are opening up with my work and clients and I am just loving the space I'm in! I've never experienced this quality of calm and contentment in my life! The changes in me are amazing.  Lynne Smith, NS, Canada

Lynne Smith Healing Coach April 25, 2017

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A continuum of miraculous manifestations...what a week it's been!! After the Activation Ceremony with you and Ciara, I am floating in an ocean of luminous liquid opalescent light...PLGST to The Infinite One for this healing gift...I am now the willing, humble responsible steward for the precious resource that I Am. Sending exponential waves of love from the High Heart.

W.M,Randolph New Hampshire March 19, 2017


10% of earnings from this venture go directly to Almine.

This work is inspired by the teachings of mystic and seer, Almine. The Sub-personalities, Cosmic Time Map, Runes, and Fragrance Alchemy are the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, www.spiritualjourneys.com

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