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Adventures in Boundlessness is a collaborative venture between Anita Lucia and Ciara Young. Together we will plunge into the depth of understanding and practical implementation of living a life of All Potential. Our shared platform will deliver extensive context on the larger cosmic picture, the deeper associated links between the many varied areas of study, and detailed instruction on how to live a state of Spiritual Mastery as a wholly benevolent presence on Earth.

This venture is geared towards presenting the cutting-edge journey of highest evolutionary potentials in a way that translates into daily practice and support for a life of flourishing. These evolutionary potentials are ignited by mastering the dynamic geometry of the inner sub-personalities–coming home to the Self as Inner Family–as well as mastering the meridian system through which we may manifest a higher life of grace.

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A Cutting Edge Adventure

Combining multiple levels of support, and drawing on the most potent alchemical tools in existence, follow the journey of two metaphysicians on the very cutting edge of cosmic evolutionary unfolding.

This adventure promises to be one in which the consciousness level of all those who participate is continuously raised, as we join together in the quest for ever-deepening revelation of the mysteries of which it is our eternal privilege to ponder.


A Peek Behind the Curtain

Follow us week by week as we grant you access to our most in-depth private conversations, recorded and shared with you exclusively behind the closed doors of this membership platform.

Ignited by our weekly exploration of the most up-to-date cosmic understanding, we will create a variety of exclusive materials in multiple formats, including written, video, audio and audio meditations, as well as powerful Rune spreads and other alchemical elements, which will be shared with you via your own membership portal.



Powerful Group Alchemy

As we embark on this exploration, we will be holding you as our participants in powerful group alchemy such that we all shift together, and healing, clearing and activation ceremonies will be performed for the group as necessary. 

There will be ample opportunity to interact with your fellow participants in this grand adventure to share insights and receive support via our in-built forum. Finally, we will also be on hand personally on an ongoing basis to support you with everything you need to embody your greatest potential.

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A Journey of Great Discovery

We are leaving the old dream of separation behind, and embodying a new reality of profound freedom. For many aeons we have lived the painful dream of masculine and feminine divided. This has caused great heartache, struggle, hardship and forced changed through cataclysm.

Adventures in Boundlessness is the long-awaited union – a coming home to the truth of indivisibility. It is our pathway to full flourishing beyond compensation in all areas of our existence. It is the ignition of our primordial golden essence.



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